Week 1 DFS Game Stacks

Everyone who plays DFS knows how to stack. We look for these perfect matchups to stack, high game totals, fast paced offenses with a good play maker to bring back. Trying to balance ownership is also something that can factor in. Here are my top 5 stacks for week 1.

  1. Philadelphia at Atlanta – This game should be an interesting possible shootout. Atlanta did just trade away Julio Jones but there are no shortage of weapons here on either side. This game has a 48 total and two new coaching staffs so maybe we don’t know fully what to expect.

Matt Ryan – Calvin Ridley, Kyle Pitts, Hayden Hurst, Russell Gage, Mike Davis. I think any mixture of this group could be an elite choice. Davis is going to catch a ton of passes this season so he can work with Ryan in my opinion.

Jalen Hurts – Devonta Smith, Jalen Reagor, Zach Ertz, Dallas Goedert, and maybe even Miles Sanders, the Falcons have been notoriously bad stopping pass catching backs.

2. San Franciso at Detroit – This will be a mostly one sided affair I believe but Jimmy Garoppolo needs to ball out to keep Trey Lance on the bench in week 1. San Francisco has a 26.75 total with a 46 O/U. They should have no issues beating this rebuilding Detroit franchise. Jimmy G has a large amount of weapons to spread the ball around to.

Jimmy G – Deebo Samuel, George Kittle and Brandon Aiyuk are all plus moves here. I think sometimes correlating tight end is a very plus move so using one of the WRs and Kittle is the move I would make.

I really don’t like any options for a stack from Detroit but if you wanted to play the two SF WRs then using T.J. Hockenson as the bring back I think could be a good move. If you wanted to be really different you could bring it back with D’Andre Swift. I do think one piece that will not be owned is Breshad Perriman, he could be a very cheap bring back also.

3. Minnesota at Cincinnati – This one actually really excites me. Both of these offenses should be capable of scoring major points. The total is only 48 but I could see this game being the highest scoring of the week. I don’t expect much defense either so loading up here is really easy.

Kirk Cousins – Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, Irv Smith, or you could even use Dalvin Cook with Cousins as he does catch a few passes out of the backfield or use Cook as the bring back from Minnesota.

Joe Burrow – Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd, or new weapon Ja’Maar Chase. Lets not forget that C.J. Uzomah was having a nice start to the season before he was derailed also.

4. Arizona at Tennessee – New weapon Julio Jones boosts this a bit for me. I was already high on this game but if the Titans decide to throw just a bit more then we are in for a show. Another year for Kyler Murray with DeAndre Hopkins could be special also as last offseason was not very normal.

Ryan Tannehill – AJ Brown, Julio Jones, Josh Reynolds, Anthony Firkser all are good options. You could bring this back with Hopkins pretty easily and take real advantage of the PPR scoring.

Kyler Murray – DeAndre Hopkins, AJ Green, Rondale Moore all feel pretty fun to use and bringing it back with any of the WRs from Tennessee works or to be a bit different you could bring it back with Derrick Henry.

5. Jacksonville at Houston – This one might be a little strange to some of you and it does not have a very high team total for either team. In my mind this Jacksonville offense could really be in line to take off and I want to be ahead of the curve. Trevor Lawrence is one of the most touted prospects in a long time and he has weapons around him that could lead to a really solid output. Houston is a trash fest but they do have a few small pieces that could be used as a bring back.

Trevor Lawrence – DJ Chark, Laviska Shenault, Marvin Jones Jr, and both RBs, James Robinson and Travis Etienne. This offense just feels fun to me. I would bring Brandin Cooks as the lone option from Houston as a bring back. Maybe if you wanted to take a deep deep shot at Houston a guy like Nico Collins could be at the minimum.

Rebuilding A Franchise: The Atlanta Falcons

I have decided to try my hand at rebuilding NFL teams that seem to be on the down swing. I will do everything from draft picks, trades, and salary cap fixes. I may not be perfect or exact. So lets start with salary cap issues.

Salary Cap

Falcons 2020 Salary Cap – $2,255,517 available.

Falcons 2021 Salary Cap as of now – -$25,254,296

Going into 2021 the Falcons will be extremely strapped for cap relief. Matt Ryan will become 23% of the available cap. Julio Jones will account for 12.9% also. Having 35% tied up in your aging stars is not what this franchise needs. I will discuss that issue later though. The Todd Gurley contract will be coming off the books after this season opening up just over five million in cap relief.

So we need to free up cap space as we start this rebuild. Being able to move major pieces are not going to be easy. Moving on from Matt Ryan is something I think might be needed but cutting or trading him is almost impossible with the way his contract is structured. After next season in 2021 is where I begin this rebuild fully. Trading Julio now would cost you almost twenty two million in dead cap space for 2021. You will need to free up money to sign Calvin Ridley and he is going to need close to what Julio Jones is getting. While we can not move on from the past just yet we can free up some space by cutting or trading Left Tackle Jake Matthews. If Matthews is cut or traded after June 1st his dead cap hit drops almost eleven million in 2021 and could be roughly twelve million in 2022. This isn’t ideal but on the offensive side it frees up the most money when we move on. Alex Mack is also a free agent after this season and will be 35. I’m fine letting him walk away. This frees up another ten million in salary.

Moving on from Mack, Matthews, and Gurley so far has freed up the twenty five million we were in the hole. Now let’s focus on the defensive side, which lets be honest has vastly under performed. First move for me here is letting Keanu Neal walk. He has played one full season since he was drafted in 2016. That clears another six million. Going into the June 1st deadline I would also be looking to move on from Dante Fowler, yes I know he just signed before the 2020 season. His cap money and lack of production this season have costed the Falcons almost seven million and it goes up from there, quite a bit actually. Fowler has a salary of over eighteen million in 2021, cutting him or trading him gives you a cap saving in 2021 of eight million and only costs fifteen million over two years in dead cap money. I know these may not be popular moves with the fan base. The savings to a rebuilding franchise could really benefit them.

One Big Trade Idea

Now that we have freed up almost fourty-five million in cap space and cleared out some older guys, we can start the rest of the process. Here is where it will get extremely dicey for you Falcons fans. Make sure you are sitting down for this, trading Julio Jones is something that needs to happen. Trading him after June 1st in 2021 does cost you almost eight million in dead cap for 2021 and fifteen million is dead cap in 2022. It does open up fifteen million in cap savings in 2021 also. So what does an aging star wide receiver get on the trade market? He will be 32 years old but Julio is a game changer in the right offense.

  • Trade Julio to Baltimore as the Hollywood Brown run is a full fail.
    • Baltimore offers a 2nd round 2022 pick, a 4th round 2022 pick, and a 5th in 2023.
    • The Bears offer a 1st round pick in 2022, and a 5th in 2022.

I said before this is about a full rebuild, I take the Bears deal and add a 2022 1st rounder. Julio goes to a team that could be headed for a playoff birth that has lost Allen Robinson the year prior to free agency. They will have drafted a new franchise quarterback also.

Now we take on the front office and coaching staff. Here I will list three coaches and three General Managers I would interview. After the debacle that was Mike Smith and Dan Quinn, it’s time to go with an offensive head coach. Also I would like to pair a good drafting GM with a coach that will help develop these young players the team drafts.

Front Office Moves

My top three candidates for GM are

  • Dan Morgan – Director of Player Personnel for the Bills. They have drafted pretty well and built a winner in Buffalo
  • Martin Mayhew – VP of Player Personnel for the 49ers. What more do I need to say about someone in that organization that hasn’t been said. They are solid from top to bottom.
  • Trent Kirchner – Co-Director of Player Personnel for the Seahawks. It may not seem like they draft to well but Russ, DK, and Lockett would disagree.

My top three coaching candidates – (Look we all want someone like Eric Bieniemy but I think he doesn’t come to Atlanta. So let’s go beyond that.

  • Nathaniel Hackett – OC for the Packers, I think he could fit well with Matt Ryan and also help the next quarterback as the rebuild begins. Keep in mind he was also the OC in Jacksonville when they went to the AFC title game.
  • Byron Leftwich – Bryon is an Bruce Arians guy, very smart offensively, and could really help a young QB grow.
  • Brian Daboll – This choice would be amazing, Daboll has worked under both Nick Saban and Bill Belichick. Successful at every stop he has been at, he has turned Josh Allen into an MVP candidate and that Bills offense has become explosive.

So now it is time to hire my choices.

  • Dan Morgan is the new GM
  • Brian Daboll is the new Head Coach

Pairing these two together from Buffalo feels really smart and brings in a certain culture.

1st Round Ideas

While we don’t know who will all be in the draft it appears we will see a top 10 pick in Atlanta.

Moving on from most of the defensive pieces to clear cap space, I think the Falcons may focus on getting a legit cornerstone defensive player in the first round. Although with the draft class that is coming in of QBs, now might be the time to bring in a young man to learn the offense and sit behind Matt Ryan for a year. Here are my choices to do at #10 if available. If we get into top 5 that would be even better.

  • Trey Lance – North Dakota State – Big kid with a big arm, pairing him with Calvin Ridley makes the new Ryan to Julio for years to come.
  • Gregory Rousseau – Miami – This is a steal at ten. Rousseau is a instant difference maker with double digit sack potential immediately.
  • Rashawn Slater – Northwestern – If the Falcons move on from Jake Matthews like I would then Slater will be the 2nd OT off the board shoring up the tackle position.

Building from the inside out on a team is how I would like to do it. Start building your lines before dumping a brand new QB behind a depleted line. Plus we gained a pick from the Julio trade.

Under the Radar Free Agent Move

I know I have spoke about cutting cap and being cheap. One under the radar move I think the Falcons should make to fill the role Todd Gurley leaves is signing Marlon Mack. You could get Mack for cheap coming off the injury on a prove it deal. I feel like he was very under rated while in Indianapolis. He is still only 25 years old.

It maybe a tough few years for the Falcons but things will get brighter with the new staff and realizing it is time to move on from aging players.

DFS QBs for Week 4

I try to do these every week but the last few weeks have been a crazy time. I will do my best to get back to these. I will do my best to give you the top 3 to 5 QBs for me on Draftkings this week. They are not in any specific order just the ones I like. I don’t like to give you the obvious QBs, these are guys I think could win you a GPP while spending down a little.

  • Josh Allen – $7,300 @ Las Vegas – Josh Allen is about as hot of a QB can be that isn’t named Russell Wilson. Allen against the Rams became the first Bills QB since Jim Kelly to have 3 consecutive games over 300 yards. The Rams are a much better defense than the Raiders are and Allen shredded the Rams. Averaging 35.6 DK points this season with all three games getting the 300 yard bonus is something I did not expect from Allen and I am a huge fan of his game. The Raiders are 9th in fantasy points allowed to QBs but they have faced Teddy Bridgewater, Drew Brees without MT, and Cam Newton. Not really murderers row anymore. Allen should be able to do as he wants against them. I would expect the 300 yard bonus again and at least 3 TDs.

  • Jared Goff – $6,700 vs the Giants – Goff is a guy I don’t think gets enough credit and some of that is because of his up and down play from last season. Goff is throwing the ball almost 10 times fewer than last season but his completion percentage, his ADOT, and his QBR are the highest of his career. He is still averaging the same amount of yards and TDs also. Goff has become more efficient. Now taking on a Giants team that just isn’t that good and being at home in LA I expect a big game from Goff. I think the yardage bonus is in play and multiple TDs passes. The Giants just got lit up by Nick Mullens and the junior varsity 49ers team.

  • Joe Burrow – $6,300 vs the Jaguars – I did not expect Zac Taylor and the Bengals to just come out and sling the ball like that have been. Burrow is already comfortable running this offense and it shows with back to back 300 yard games and multiple TD performances. Now he gets a Jags D that just let Fitzmagic have a 90% completion rate and score 25 DK points against them. The defensive match-up finally gets easier for Burrow after facing the Eagles, the Browns, and the Chargers. There is no reason we shouldn’t expect another 300 yards and multiple TDs this week. Burrow and the Bengals are an easy stack this week with the most expensive WR being Boyd at only $6,100 and Joe Mixon has never been cheaper.

3 QBs to use for DFS GPP

QB is a fun position to plan for in DFS especially in a GPP. We all know the high priced guys are in play every week but I want to look at who we can pay down for and still get premium production out of. All prices and suggestions are based on Draftkings as it is the only place I play.

  1. Jimmy Garoppolo – $5,800 vs the Cardinals – Two of three of Jimmy G’s biggest games last season were against the Cardinals and I don’t see why we can’t start off with a bang here. The Cardinals did add some defensive pieces this off-season but I don’t see them slowing down George Kittle. The Cardinals ranked dead last against the TE last season and there is no one on Kittle’s level not named Travis Kelce. In game one last season against the Cards, Jimmy G threw for 317 yards and 4 TDs, in game two he was even better blasting this defense for 424 yards and 4 more TDs. I do think the injuries to the WR corp will keep ownership down a bit on Garoppolo but they will have to throw a bit as Arizonas offense will be better than it was last season. Jimmy is my #1 choice for Week 1. The Cardinals also gave up the 2nd most passing yards per game last season at over 281 yards per game.
  2. Josh Allen – $6,500 vs the Jets – This may sound crazy as the Jets were a middle of the pack passing defense last season giving up 236 yards through the air last season, but this isn’t the same defense from last year. This offseason they have traded away Jamal Adams and C.J. Mosley opted out. So with a receiving corp that Josh Allen now has I can see the Bills blowing out the Jets and Allen getting his first ever 300 yard bonus on DK. I think Allen and Diggs will pick apart this secondary and John Brown can get deep hauling in deep passes with no issue. Allen has said he wants to run less this season and do more to get the ball in his playmakers hands but he does still have that skill and possible goal line work in his arsenal making him a top choice. The Bills have given Allen all the tools to succeed this season and I believe we see it from the get go against the hapless Jets D.
  3. Derek Carr – $5,900 vs the Panthers – Not sure any team has added as many weapons as Vegas has this off-season. Drafting 2 WRs, adding Hall of Famer Jason Witten, and signing multiple RBs. Carolina is not going to be good on defense this season and will probably thrown on a lot. I would expect the Raiders want to work on getting their WRs involved early and often as Darren Waller was there leading receiver last season and it wasn’t very close. The addition of Ruggs and Edwards should help Carr tremendously as he will be able to spread the ball around more. I think the 300 yard bonus is definitely in the cards for Carr and multiple TD passes.

5 RBs for Week 1 of DFS

I don’t have to tell you playing CMC every week is a good idea but I want to give you some other plays I really like for week one of DFS. I want to dive into them and explain what it is I like and what makes them a good GPP play.

  1. Austin Ekeler – $7,000 vs the Bengals – Ekeler comes in as the 4th highest priced RB on the week 1 main slate. This match up feels very enticing to me. Cincinnati was atrocious last season against the run giving up 148.9 yards per game rushing and 4.7 yards a carry. The Chargers should lean on Ekeler pretty heavily after letting Melvin Gordon walk in the off-season. Even in limited duty last season, Ekeler averaged 20.2 fantasy points a game in DK scoring and a whopping 1.44 Dk points per touch. I don’t think the Chargers have much of an issue with the Bengals and it could lead to a lot of touches for Ekeler in the 4th quarter. I don’t expect him to take all the touches but 15 carries and 9 targets is not out of the realm of possibility.
  2. Chris Carson – $6,200 vs the Falcons – RBs in DFS need to get touches and Carson is that work horse type back. Carson carried the ball over 18 times a game and mixed in 3 targets a game. Atlanta is a middle of the pack rush defense and they gave up 22.38 points a game rushing. I know Mr. Unlimited is pining for the offense to throw more but Pete Carroll and the coaching staff don’t shy away from establishing the run at all. I would pencil in Carson for 22 touches in this game and the 100 yard bonus is absolutely in play for Carson.
  3. Josh Jacobs – $6,800 vs the Panthers – The Panthers are maybe one of the worst defenses in football if not the worst. Jacobs shined as a rookie averaging 88 yards a game rushing and scoring 7 TDs on the ground. Jon Gruden is said to be upset by Jacobs not winning Rookie of the Year and Jacobs is on record as saying he wants to catch 60 passes this season. When is a better time to start this revenge tour than against a team that allows RBs to rush for 143.5 yards a game and 31 rushing TDs. All aboard the Jacobs train.
  4. Mark Ingram – $5,500 vs the Browns – The RB1 in the best rushing offense in football should not be this cheap. This offense is as run heavy as any in the league and going into face Cleveland in this shortened off season makes me all the more interested in Ingram. Facing a team that gave up 144.69 rushing yards a game Ingram should be in line for a pretty solid performance. I don’t expect Dobbins to be to much of a factor in week 1 and Baltimore is favored by 8.5 and playing at home. Ingram averaged over 5 yards a carry last season and 1.13 points per touch with Draftkings scoring. Ingram could easily have 75 yards rushing and 2 TDs in week 1.
  5. Marlon Mack – $5,300 vs the Jaguars – Attacking bad defenses is what we do, and Jacksonville is pretty darn bad. I know the hype around rookie Jonathan Taylor is really high and I expect great things from him but as of now it is still Macks’ job. I don’t doubt we see a lower number of touches per game for Mack which was at 17 rushes a game last year. I do see the best offensive line in football run blocking a lot for Mack and Taylor both. Going into Jacksonville a team that allowed 139 yards a game and 23 total rushing touchdowns is another great place to exploit for cheap this week. I feel like we could pencil Mack in for 80 to 90 yards and a TD or two. If you feel better about starting Taylor I wouldn’t fault you for spending the extra $400 in salary cap. Either way this backfield is way under priced.

Scott Fish Bowl Draft: Live

Hey everyone, just wanted to live blog my picks and how I feel about them. If you are unaware of what the Scott Fish Bowl is please check it out. It is a great fantasy football league with major charity support. Please also follow Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell on Twitter and donate to whatever charity you can. I love what this is all about.

So lets discuss my picks.

1.08 Travis Kelce – I think with what was available this was the best possible pick I could have made with the scoring the way it is. Kelce is the #1 again in my rankings and playing with Patrick Mahomes I think we can all agree it will stay that way. With SFBX scoring being a dream for big time tight ends Kelce averages over 20 points per game.

2.05 – Austin Ekeler – I really struggled with this pick. Brees, Chubb, Sanders, and Wilson all still available at this pick and I had to put some serious thought into it. I love the volume we should see from Ekeler this year and my hope is whoever the QB maybe will check it down to Ekeler a ton. Ekeler being the dual threat RB sealed the deal as RB gets thin later on in the draft. Ekeler is a top 5 back and getting him as the 8th RB is enough for me to love this pick.

3.08 – Matthew Stafford – After the Ekeler pick a run on QBs came with 6 QBs going before it got back to me. I took Stafford as the 11th QB off the board and felt excited. On a PPG basis last season Stafford was the 6th best QB in this scoring format. A healthy Stafford is a monster and I felt like I got a great value in round 3.

4.05 – Leonard Fournette – I landed Fournette as the 18th RB off the board and my starting backfield is complete. I am one who is still high on him as I think Fournettes season goes one of two ways. Either Jacksonville trades him to somewhere where he can get going or they run him into the ground and then let him walk at the end of the season. I am fine with either option. Snatching him as RB18 could be a league winning type of move since he was top 10 in the rankings with last years performance.

5.08 – Chris Carson – I really wanted to focus on making sure I had 3 quality RBs who were the lead backs for their teams. Adding Carson here was a no-brainer. Carson will be the lead back on a run heavy team in my opinion with no real competition.

6.05 – A.J. Brown – Starting my WR corp with Brown was a tough choice. His ADP screamed at me at a top 40 player while I grabbed him at 65th overall and the 16th WR taken. I know Tennessee is run first but Tannehill isn’t afraid to sling it and Brown is the biggest and best option he has.

7.08 – Courtland Sutton – Sutton is a guy I have written about this off season and I am extremely high on. I think he has all the upside to be a top 5 WR so getting him this late made me happy. I think the Broncos are low key my favorite offense going into the season.

8.05 – Drew Lock – As high as I am on my previous pick lead me to stacking Sutton with my QB2 Drew Lock. I think this offense has so many weapons for Lock to use and if he can take that step in year 2 he can start his way to elite QB status.

9.08 – Damien Williams – I’ve said this a few times already in this article but this felt like stealing. I know everyone is extremely high on CEH but Williams was almost the SB MVP and isn’t going anywhere right away. That Chiefs offense is good enough to feed multiple backs.

10.05 – Dallas Goedert – I love Goedert as my 2nd TE. Even with a healthy Zack Ertz, Goedert still had almost 90 targets and found the endzone 5 times. If something happens to Ertz I am sitting on two top 3 TEs in my opinion.

Stay Tuned…

2020 RB Rankings

Running back can be extremely confusing after the top 5 or 6 guys. Lets take a look and see how I think things will shake out this season. I am ranking them with PPR Scoring.

  1. Christian McCaffery – I don’t think there is much that needs to be said about CMC. The guy is a stud.
  2. Saquon Barkley – Barkley is in the same tier for me as CMC
  3. Ezekiel Elliott – Rushing attempts are what carries Zeke and his usage in the passing game will only provide more value.
  4. Alvin Kamara – To me Kamara if healthy all season will be the #1 RB going into next draft season.
  5. Joe Mixon
  6. Dalvin Cook
  7. Derrick Henry
  8. Austin Ekeler
  9. Kenyan Drake
  10. Miles Sanders
  11. Nick Chubb
  12. Josh Jacobs
  13. Aaron Jones
  14. Chris Carson
  15. Leonard Fournette
  16. Clyde Edwards-Helaire
  17. James Conner
  18. Melvin Gordon
  19. Le’Veon Bell
  20. Devin Singletary
  21. Jonathan Taylor
  22. Todd Gurley
  23. David Johnson
  24. Kareem Hunt
  25. James White
  26. Tarik Cohen
  27. Raheem Mostert
  28. D’Andre Swift
  29. Derrius Guice
  30. David Montgomery
  31. Damien Williams
  32. Ke’Shawn Vaughn
  33. Ronald Jones
  34. Boston Scott
  35. Mark Ingram
  36. J.K. Dobbins
  37. Cam Akers
  38. Jordan Howard
  39. Matt Breida
  40. Sony Michel
  41. Phillip Lindsay
  42. Tevin Coleman
  43. Duke Johnson
  44. Alexander Mattison
  45. Darrell Henderson
  46. Antonio Gibson
  47. Latavius Murray
  48. Marlon Mack
  49. Nyheim Hines
  50. Tony Pollard

2020 QB Rankings

I try to mostly focus on DFS but I do play in one or two season long leagues and will be playing in this years Scott Fish Bowl. I wanted to work on ranking QBs for this year. I feel like the top 5 are a pretty regular group but I am down on 1 QB for sure. So let’s get started on the list.

  1. Patrick Mahomes – I don’t know if there is much I could say that we all don’t know. Regular season MVP two years ago, Super Bowl MVP last year. Mahomes is the best QB in the league and I don’t think it is particularly close.
  2. Dak Prescott – Prescott is #2 for me for multiple reasons. Dallas has a young and dynamic offensive core built around Dak. Prescott has gotten better each year and with new coach Mike McCarthy, he could get even better. Prescott has that MVP vibe to him this season.
  3. Lamar Jackson – We all know Lamar is extremely talented and maybe a once in a generation type player. My major concern for this season with Lamar is just his growth as a passer. I think we see teams stack the box and make Lamar throw a bit more. I am not saying he can’t do it but I want to see it first. Keep in mind he finished 19th in passing yards last year.
  4. Russell Wilson – Russ and the Seahawks are a run-first team right? I don’t think so. Last year Russ threw the ball over 575 times with was his highest total since 2016 and the second-most in his career. With playmakers like Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf, I would expect those numbers to be close again this season. Russ is a lock for 30 plus TDs and 4500 yards.
  5. Kyler Murray – I don’t think I am being too crazy here ranking Kyler this high. The Cardinals added a top 3 WR to an already exciting offense in DeAndre Hopkins. Pairing DHop with Kirk and ageless Larry Fitzgerald will make Murray and the passing game one of the most fun things to watch in 2020. Murray as a top 2 fantasy QB was one of my hot takes also.
  6. Drew Brees – We all know Brees has the talent and how good he is. Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara are top 4 at their respective positions and make me want Brees already. Add in the second half Jared Cook had and the newest signing Emmanuel Sanders and it is easy to see why Brees is this high.
  7. Matt Ryan – Ryan I believe continues to go underrated in the fantasy community. I mean we love Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and newcomer Hayden Hurst. So why not love Ryan? Matt Ryan hasn’t had a year under 4500 yards since 2011. The Falcons will be the team that throws more than anyone in my opinion and Matt Ryan will be the guy to do it.
  8. Tom Brady – I don’t think Brady has anything to prove to any of us but I think he really plays this season with a chip on his shoulder. The Bucs offense is absolutely loaded, Chris Godwin and Mike Evans are both top 10 WRs. Gronk and OJ Howard could both be top 10 tight ends. If they get any semblance of a running game from Ronald Jones and Ke’shawn Vaughn this team could break all kinds of offensive records.
  9. Carson Wentz – Playing his first full season since his rookie year Wentz set career highs in passing yards and attempts. Keep in mind at one point his top WR was Greg Ward and whoever they could get off the street. I think with the return of Desean Jackson, the addition of Marquise Goodwin and drafting Jalen Reagor will launch Wentz back into MVP territory.
  10. Josh Allen – My number 10 QB was a tough choice but I am bought into what the Bills are doing and I believe in Josh Allen. The Bills went out and added Stefon Diggs to give Allen a major weapon. John Brown already fits nicely with Allen’s skill set also. Expect big numbers from Allen. Top 10 in passing yards and TDs incoming.
  11. Deshaun Watson – I really struggled with where to put Watson. I could rank him top 3 and no one would flinch but I am not backing off my opinion of his weapons now that DHop is gone. I am not convinced Fuller can stay healthy, I do worry about Cooks head injuries, I don’t believe in Randall Cobb or Kenny Stills as number one WRs. We are an injury or two away from Watson being even lower. He can’t do it all himself.
  12. Matthew Stafford
  13. Jimmy Garoppolo
  14. Kirk Cousins
  15. Aaron Rodgers
  16. Daniel Jones
  17. Ben Roethlisberger
  18. Teddy Bridgewater
  19. Drew Lock
  20. Gardner Minshew
  21. Ryan Tannehill
  22. Jared Goff
  23. Philip Rivers
  24. Baker Mayfield
  25. Joe Burrow
  26. Derek Carr
  27. Cam Newton
  28. Sam Darnold
  29. Ryan Fitzpatrick/Tua
  30. Tyrod Taylor
  31. Nick Foles/Mitchell Trubisky
  32. Dwayne Haskins

The Hatred of Jordan Howard

I have seen a lot of hate towards Jordan Howard lately so I wanted to dig in and take a look at his all around game.

Jordan Howard is a guy I really think needs a look in fantasy. I know the Dolphins went and trade for Matt Breida to add to their backfield. Howard has been in a RBBC for most of his career with his time in Chicago and Philadelphia. Howard is only 25 years old, that is the same age as Derrick Henry, Austin Ekeler, and Aaron Jones. He is only a year older than Breida and has a much better track record. I would expect Howard gets the bulk of the work on 1st and 2nd down and possibly the goal line work also.

So let’s take a look at Howards 4 years of production. Starting in Chicago, Howard amassed 3,370 yards rushing on 778 carries and 24 touchdowns. Those numbers are while not mind-blowing are high-quality fantasy RB2 amounts. If you add in the receiving of Howard in that stretch you gain 72 catches for 568 yards. He did only have one receiving TD though. Over the last 3 season in San Fran, Breida only has 381 carries and 1,902 yards with 6 touchdowns. Also, Breida isn’t that much of a receiving threat with only 67 catches for 561 yards and 4 TDs. I see this split and think Howard is the lead with Breida being the change of pace back.

Last season for Howard was not ideal in Philly with injuries and Miles Sander’s emergence as a fantasy stud. Howard played in part of 10 games gaining 525 yards rushing, 69 receiving yards, and 7 total TDs.

My take on Howard is that if he does win the starting spot in Miami which I think is almost a sure thing. I want him at his current ADP in redraft and as a buy cheap candidate in Dynasty. He is being drafted in redraft after Breida, James White and most of the rookies.

Maybe I am wrong here but I don’t understand the hate. I think Howard is a RB who has 1,000 yards and at least 6 TDs in 3 of the last four seasons. Howard is a young RB with not a ton of wear on the tires, I say he is worth the 8th round risk and could possibly turn in higher value that RB40 which him an makes an RB4 in most 12 team leagues.

5 Hot Take for the 2020 Season

I normally am not much of a hot take guy but I want to express some things I really feel strong about going into this season.

(Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images)
  1. Deshaun Watson will not be a top 10 QB this season. I will say this has less to do with Watsons talent and more to do with the talent surrounding him. We all know Will Fuller, Brandon Cooks, and the rest of the receiving core are extremely talented. My major concern for them is health. Fuller is a stud when on the field but he has missed 20 games the last 3 seasons, Cooks is extremely talented but is a concussion away from the end of his career, and Stills and Cobb are just average to me. Watson is a guy I want nothing to do with this season and the Texans offense as a whole scares me.
  2. Kyler Murray will be a top 2 QB this season. No offense has me more optimistic than the Cardinals offense. Resigning Kenyan Drake, adding the best WR in football DeAndre Hopkins to go with young stud Christian Kirk is more than enough to make me think Murray takes that leap. A rookie campaign with 3,700 yards passing and 500 yards rushing is a great start and I think can lead to sky high expectations for the 2nd year QB. The Cardinals also still have walking Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald, young guys like Andy Isabella, Keesean Johnson, and Hakeem Butler. We may see a lot of 4 and 5 WR sets this season. Buy high on this offense.
  3. The Cleveland Browns will have 2 WRs, 2 RBs all total over 1,000 yards each. It is easy to see the path for OBJ and Jarvis Landry getting to 1,000 yards as they did it last season. The bold part of this is that I see Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt both getting 1,000 rushing. The Browns are going to be a rush first team this season and both of these backs are extremely talented. I think we could easily see 200 carries for both backs if not 300 for Chubb and 200 for Hunt.
  4. Kamara will be the #1 RB this season. Last season in 14 games Kamara had 171 carries for 797 yards and 81 catches for 533 yards. Kamara has been working hard this off season and I see a big swing coming for Kamara. Now fully healthy I am expecting 200 carries and closer to 100 receptions. 300 touches for Kamara would put him in Christian McCaffery territory. With those touches based on his averages we could be in line for a 2K Kamara season.
  5. JuJu Smith-Schuster will be a top 5 WR this season. This feels like the least bold of my takes because of all the injuries the Steelers had last season but last year he was WR64 in fantasy points. The return of Big Ben and Juju to full health I expect we get back to 2018 Juju which had JuJu with 111 catches and 1,426 yards.

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