5 Hot Take for the 2020 Season

I normally am not much of a hot take guy but I want to express some things I really feel strong about going into this season.

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  1. Deshaun Watson will not be a top 10 QB this season. I will say this has less to do with Watsons talent and more to do with the talent surrounding him. We all know Will Fuller, Brandon Cooks, and the rest of the receiving core are extremely talented. My major concern for them is health. Fuller is a stud when on the field but he has missed 20 games the last 3 seasons, Cooks is extremely talented but is a concussion away from the end of his career, and Stills and Cobb are just average to me. Watson is a guy I want nothing to do with this season and the Texans offense as a whole scares me.
  2. Kyler Murray will be a top 2 QB this season. No offense has me more optimistic than the Cardinals offense. Resigning Kenyan Drake, adding the best WR in football DeAndre Hopkins to go with young stud Christian Kirk is more than enough to make me think Murray takes that leap. A rookie campaign with 3,700 yards passing and 500 yards rushing is a great start and I think can lead to sky high expectations for the 2nd year QB. The Cardinals also still have walking Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald, young guys like Andy Isabella, Keesean Johnson, and Hakeem Butler. We may see a lot of 4 and 5 WR sets this season. Buy high on this offense.
  3. The Cleveland Browns will have 2 WRs, 2 RBs all total over 1,000 yards each. It is easy to see the path for OBJ and Jarvis Landry getting to 1,000 yards as they did it last season. The bold part of this is that I see Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt both getting 1,000 rushing. The Browns are going to be a rush first team this season and both of these backs are extremely talented. I think we could easily see 200 carries for both backs if not 300 for Chubb and 200 for Hunt.
  4. Kamara will be the #1 RB this season. Last season in 14 games Kamara had 171 carries for 797 yards and 81 catches for 533 yards. Kamara has been working hard this off season and I see a big swing coming for Kamara. Now fully healthy I am expecting 200 carries and closer to 100 receptions. 300 touches for Kamara would put him in Christian McCaffery territory. With those touches based on his averages we could be in line for a 2K Kamara season.
  5. JuJu Smith-Schuster will be a top 5 WR this season. This feels like the least bold of my takes because of all the injuries the Steelers had last season but last year he was WR64 in fantasy points. The return of Big Ben and Juju to full health I expect we get back to 2018 Juju which had JuJu with 111 catches and 1,426 yards.

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