The Hatred of Jordan Howard

I have seen a lot of hate towards Jordan Howard lately so I wanted to dig in and take a look at his all around game.

Jordan Howard is a guy I really think needs a look in fantasy. I know the Dolphins went and trade for Matt Breida to add to their backfield. Howard has been in a RBBC for most of his career with his time in Chicago and Philadelphia. Howard is only 25 years old, that is the same age as Derrick Henry, Austin Ekeler, and Aaron Jones. He is only a year older than Breida and has a much better track record. I would expect Howard gets the bulk of the work on 1st and 2nd down and possibly the goal line work also.

So let’s take a look at Howards 4 years of production. Starting in Chicago, Howard amassed 3,370 yards rushing on 778 carries and 24 touchdowns. Those numbers are while not mind-blowing are high-quality fantasy RB2 amounts. If you add in the receiving of Howard in that stretch you gain 72 catches for 568 yards. He did only have one receiving TD though. Over the last 3 season in San Fran, Breida only has 381 carries and 1,902 yards with 6 touchdowns. Also, Breida isn’t that much of a receiving threat with only 67 catches for 561 yards and 4 TDs. I see this split and think Howard is the lead with Breida being the change of pace back.

Last season for Howard was not ideal in Philly with injuries and Miles Sander’s emergence as a fantasy stud. Howard played in part of 10 games gaining 525 yards rushing, 69 receiving yards, and 7 total TDs.

My take on Howard is that if he does win the starting spot in Miami which I think is almost a sure thing. I want him at his current ADP in redraft and as a buy cheap candidate in Dynasty. He is being drafted in redraft after Breida, James White and most of the rookies.

Maybe I am wrong here but I don’t understand the hate. I think Howard is a RB who has 1,000 yards and at least 6 TDs in 3 of the last four seasons. Howard is a young RB with not a ton of wear on the tires, I say he is worth the 8th round risk and could possibly turn in higher value that RB40 which him an makes an RB4 in most 12 team leagues.

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