2020 QB Rankings

I try to mostly focus on DFS but I do play in one or two season long leagues and will be playing in this years Scott Fish Bowl. I wanted to work on ranking QBs for this year. I feel like the top 5 are a pretty regular group but I am down on 1 QB for sure. So let’s get started on the list.

  1. Patrick Mahomes – I don’t know if there is much I could say that we all don’t know. Regular season MVP two years ago, Super Bowl MVP last year. Mahomes is the best QB in the league and I don’t think it is particularly close.
  2. Dak Prescott – Prescott is #2 for me for multiple reasons. Dallas has a young and dynamic offensive core built around Dak. Prescott has gotten better each year and with new coach Mike McCarthy, he could get even better. Prescott has that MVP vibe to him this season.
  3. Lamar Jackson – We all know Lamar is extremely talented and maybe a once in a generation type player. My major concern for this season with Lamar is just his growth as a passer. I think we see teams stack the box and make Lamar throw a bit more. I am not saying he can’t do it but I want to see it first. Keep in mind he finished 19th in passing yards last year.
  4. Russell Wilson – Russ and the Seahawks are a run-first team right? I don’t think so. Last year Russ threw the ball over 575 times with was his highest total since 2016 and the second-most in his career. With playmakers like Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf, I would expect those numbers to be close again this season. Russ is a lock for 30 plus TDs and 4500 yards.
  5. Kyler Murray – I don’t think I am being too crazy here ranking Kyler this high. The Cardinals added a top 3 WR to an already exciting offense in DeAndre Hopkins. Pairing DHop with Kirk and ageless Larry Fitzgerald will make Murray and the passing game one of the most fun things to watch in 2020. Murray as a top 2 fantasy QB was one of my hot takes also.
  6. Drew Brees – We all know Brees has the talent and how good he is. Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara are top 4 at their respective positions and make me want Brees already. Add in the second half Jared Cook had and the newest signing Emmanuel Sanders and it is easy to see why Brees is this high.
  7. Matt Ryan – Ryan I believe continues to go underrated in the fantasy community. I mean we love Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and newcomer Hayden Hurst. So why not love Ryan? Matt Ryan hasn’t had a year under 4500 yards since 2011. The Falcons will be the team that throws more than anyone in my opinion and Matt Ryan will be the guy to do it.
  8. Tom Brady – I don’t think Brady has anything to prove to any of us but I think he really plays this season with a chip on his shoulder. The Bucs offense is absolutely loaded, Chris Godwin and Mike Evans are both top 10 WRs. Gronk and OJ Howard could both be top 10 tight ends. If they get any semblance of a running game from Ronald Jones and Ke’shawn Vaughn this team could break all kinds of offensive records.
  9. Carson Wentz – Playing his first full season since his rookie year Wentz set career highs in passing yards and attempts. Keep in mind at one point his top WR was Greg Ward and whoever they could get off the street. I think with the return of Desean Jackson, the addition of Marquise Goodwin and drafting Jalen Reagor will launch Wentz back into MVP territory.
  10. Josh Allen – My number 10 QB was a tough choice but I am bought into what the Bills are doing and I believe in Josh Allen. The Bills went out and added Stefon Diggs to give Allen a major weapon. John Brown already fits nicely with Allen’s skill set also. Expect big numbers from Allen. Top 10 in passing yards and TDs incoming.
  11. Deshaun Watson – I really struggled with where to put Watson. I could rank him top 3 and no one would flinch but I am not backing off my opinion of his weapons now that DHop is gone. I am not convinced Fuller can stay healthy, I do worry about Cooks head injuries, I don’t believe in Randall Cobb or Kenny Stills as number one WRs. We are an injury or two away from Watson being even lower. He can’t do it all himself.
  12. Matthew Stafford
  13. Jimmy Garoppolo
  14. Kirk Cousins
  15. Aaron Rodgers
  16. Daniel Jones
  17. Ben Roethlisberger
  18. Teddy Bridgewater
  19. Drew Lock
  20. Gardner Minshew
  21. Ryan Tannehill
  22. Jared Goff
  23. Philip Rivers
  24. Baker Mayfield
  25. Joe Burrow
  26. Derek Carr
  27. Cam Newton
  28. Sam Darnold
  29. Ryan Fitzpatrick/Tua
  30. Tyrod Taylor
  31. Nick Foles/Mitchell Trubisky
  32. Dwayne Haskins

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