Scott Fish Bowl Draft: Live

Hey everyone, just wanted to live blog my picks and how I feel about them. If you are unaware of what the Scott Fish Bowl is please check it out. It is a great fantasy football league with major charity support. Please also follow Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell on Twitter and donate to whatever charity you can. I love what this is all about.

So lets discuss my picks.

1.08 Travis Kelce – I think with what was available this was the best possible pick I could have made with the scoring the way it is. Kelce is the #1 again in my rankings and playing with Patrick Mahomes I think we can all agree it will stay that way. With SFBX scoring being a dream for big time tight ends Kelce averages over 20 points per game.

2.05 – Austin Ekeler – I really struggled with this pick. Brees, Chubb, Sanders, and Wilson all still available at this pick and I had to put some serious thought into it. I love the volume we should see from Ekeler this year and my hope is whoever the QB maybe will check it down to Ekeler a ton. Ekeler being the dual threat RB sealed the deal as RB gets thin later on in the draft. Ekeler is a top 5 back and getting him as the 8th RB is enough for me to love this pick.

3.08 – Matthew Stafford – After the Ekeler pick a run on QBs came with 6 QBs going before it got back to me. I took Stafford as the 11th QB off the board and felt excited. On a PPG basis last season Stafford was the 6th best QB in this scoring format. A healthy Stafford is a monster and I felt like I got a great value in round 3.

4.05 – Leonard Fournette – I landed Fournette as the 18th RB off the board and my starting backfield is complete. I am one who is still high on him as I think Fournettes season goes one of two ways. Either Jacksonville trades him to somewhere where he can get going or they run him into the ground and then let him walk at the end of the season. I am fine with either option. Snatching him as RB18 could be a league winning type of move since he was top 10 in the rankings with last years performance.

5.08 – Chris Carson – I really wanted to focus on making sure I had 3 quality RBs who were the lead backs for their teams. Adding Carson here was a no-brainer. Carson will be the lead back on a run heavy team in my opinion with no real competition.

6.05 – A.J. Brown – Starting my WR corp with Brown was a tough choice. His ADP screamed at me at a top 40 player while I grabbed him at 65th overall and the 16th WR taken. I know Tennessee is run first but Tannehill isn’t afraid to sling it and Brown is the biggest and best option he has.

7.08 – Courtland Sutton – Sutton is a guy I have written about this off season and I am extremely high on. I think he has all the upside to be a top 5 WR so getting him this late made me happy. I think the Broncos are low key my favorite offense going into the season.

8.05 – Drew Lock – As high as I am on my previous pick lead me to stacking Sutton with my QB2 Drew Lock. I think this offense has so many weapons for Lock to use and if he can take that step in year 2 he can start his way to elite QB status.

9.08 – Damien Williams – I’ve said this a few times already in this article but this felt like stealing. I know everyone is extremely high on CEH but Williams was almost the SB MVP and isn’t going anywhere right away. That Chiefs offense is good enough to feed multiple backs.

10.05 – Dallas Goedert – I love Goedert as my 2nd TE. Even with a healthy Zack Ertz, Goedert still had almost 90 targets and found the endzone 5 times. If something happens to Ertz I am sitting on two top 3 TEs in my opinion.

Stay Tuned…

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